How to Advertise on Pinterest

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Pinterest is continuing to grow in the market; advertisers are also coming up with new creative ways to ensure their advertisements are reaching new and enormous audiences. They are working towards improving their brands to gain extensive popularity on Pinterest. From that Pinterest has gained much traffic and is much more used and preferred than Twitter. Shoppers from Pinterest also buy more frequently thus spending a lot more. This is the main reason why businessmen are increasing their branding strategies.

Optimize your account

Pinterest has excellent new features that have allowed users to not only create their own personal profile but also business profile. With that they can be able to give their business information to their followers. Pinterest users are able to set their company logo to give it brand to increase followers. The pin it share button on their site also aids in sharing their content to many other people. The new feature has also allowed users to write “about” page, describe themselves, what business and products their site offers, name of their main site and other links related to the site. When you give detailed information users will certainly follow you to see what you do.


Know your audience

Pinterest carries with it various users and to be able to successfully advertise on pinterest and gain a lot of followers know what type of content to post and one that is interesting and worth reading. Posting irrelevant content will just make you less successful forcing you to close down your site. Most of the pinterest users know what they exactly want and will go for that. From a research has shown that most moms use pinterest from these you can get an idea of what moms loved and post for them. Your audience should determine the kind of post to write.

Formulate a strategy

The best and successful businesses today are there due to the different strategies they have used to look different from other companies. A creative strategy on pinterest will earn you more followers, it’s not about pinning your products and that’s it. You need to go further and convince them with something unique. It’s not enough to post products you may include their images with a little information on them. You may also do a video informing them about your products, how they work etc. take advantage and outstand many who post on pinterest and have less followers due to the boring content which they expect will be loved by users. Convince your users in a unique and strategically manner and give them a reason not to regret following your sites and links.

Pin it

On your site at the most visible section pin the products you are advertising on pinterest. Every new visitor on your site will see the products and if interested go ahead to check them out. Include more details about your product and if possible the price which most people check to see if it is friendly. Some may just click on the product not because they are interested in buying but just to see how much it is going for. Some will end up buying the product.


Organize your advertisements on pinterest for your users. On advertising board pin products and provide different categories for each product for users to see the difference in the products. From that they will choose what suits them and not bother looking at the others.

Grow Your Community

You are doing everything in the interest of your customers and would like to continue bringing in new products they can buy. Get great content and share with your customers regarding your products. Update them with the latest products you are intending to bring in and share new ideas you have that you think will be of some help to them.

Finally if you want to keep up with the competitive nature on pinterest stay updated with the latest trends and fashions on pinterest. Find new ideas to increase your success on pinterest and tips to maintain customers and gaining more followers.


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